The launch of the online store meant fun photo shoots with our CIRFIT team members
around the world. Our first successful apparel shoot was in Nagoya, Japan. It was awesome to
collaborate with the circus acrobats and athletes to get some truly unique shots to show off the
swag. The apparel in this shoot is our brand-new (and first!) collection, showcasing the
confidently casual lifestyle that CIRFIT stands for.
Special thanks to our friends in Japan, EDGE Creative Media for their knowledge and
professionalism, and Team Performance Lab for the incredible facility and warm welcome. Tamir
Erdenesaikhan, David Resnick (@drescirque2010), Maika Isogawa (@maikaisogawa), and even
CEO Mikalai Liubezny (@mikalai_liubezny) hopped in front of the camera!
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