Extreme sports like parkour, acro yoga, yoga, gymnastics, silks, pole dance, all have their origins in Circus and these sports are increasing in popularity around the world.

Within all the "extreme sports" you see today, these disciples of Circus can be broken down into 5 disciplines:

1. Acrobats
2. Aerial
3. Juggling
4. Street art
5. Balance 


We all dream that we can defy our physical limitations and propel our body through air and space like the acrobats. Acrobatics are individual or partner skills involving strength and dexterity, including body rotations, twists, flips, balances, jumps, turns and etc. Acrobatics can be performed anywhere ,anyhow. Everybody know gymnastics ,teeterboard , banquine , chinese pole ,cradle ,danish pole ,hand to hand ,hoop diving ,korean plank ,perch equilibristic ,pole dance , power truck ,roman ladders , russian bars,russian swing ,trampolining , voltige ,wheel of death and etc. - it’s huge and one of amazing pert of acrobatics. 


is anything performed in the air while suspended on an apparatus such as a trapeze, rope, cloudswing, tissu, aerial ring, chains ,straps and others. Arial include aerial straps , aerial silks ,aerial contortion, aerial hoop , aerial ribbon , aerial trapeze ,cloud swing , corde lisse ,flying trapeze , hair suspension , lyra hoop , multiple trapeze , spanish web , aerial yoga and etc. 


is the skill of keeping a number of objects in the air at the same time, by continuously throwing and catching the objects. Juggling requires good hand-eye coordination. The performer can use different methods to throw and catch the objects. Examples of objects used for juggling are clubs, rings, balls, scarves, knives, fire clubs, chainsaws, fruit, etc. Juggling world unite all : juggling balls , juggling clubs , juggling rings , baton twirling , cerceaux , chinese you-you, cigar box juggling , devil sticks , diabolo , fire spinning, foot juggling , hooping , lasso ,object manipulation , plate spinning , antipodes , contact juggling , poi spinning and etc. 

Street art fitness

is about transforming the concrete jungle into your art including parkour, street workout, free run, slack line, pogo stick, break dancers, calisthenics, skateboarding , bmx bicycle , roller skaters , rollerbladers , jump rope ,double-dutch ,stilt walking ,stilt jumping , unicycle hockey , unicycle , scooter , cyr wheel , german wheel , skipping ropes , shallow diving , artistic cycling and etc.


is the ultimate expression where different elements are equal or in the correct proportions to one another. Balance is all about balance on props, under props, just flat things, on a partner. Balance can include hardwiring, rola bola, a perch, acrobalance , contortion, adagio,handbalance , yoga, acroyoga, freestanding ladder , balancing , equilibre , balance board ,chair balancing and etc.  Balancing can be performed by balancing on the head, on the legs, on the hands. It's an equilibrium of your mind.

CIRFIT is more than an apparel company.

Our mission is to help people discover their purpose in life by inspiring confidence, highlighting personal growth through healthy living and an active lifestyle.

We invite you to be a part of this movement by joining our kickstarter campaign.
We have designed 5 special designs for the campaign highlighting each of the 5 disciplines of circus.
We believe in giving back to our community and will donate 10% of our total campaign contributions to non-profit organizations that offer circus enrichment to at-risk children including Circus without Boarders and The Viktor Kee Foundation.

The Victor Kee Foundation believes that the performing arts can not only entertain people, but can also rid the world of economic poverty by improving lives with hope. Through a myriad of global projects, The Victor Kee Foundation charities work that has helped empowered individuals to foster hope in countless communities all around the world. More information can be found at
Circus Without Borders
Is a Social Circus Non-Profit Organization created with the goal of bringing happiness to the less fortunate communities providing shows, trainings, and resources. Some of the organization's work leads to collaborations with Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque du Monde, UCLA Mattel Children Hospital, Mexico Casa de la Amistad against Cancer, Kids for Ukraine just to name a few.
CWB founder, Alan Ascencio, is an Entrepreneur with an Electronic and Telecommunication Bachelors Degree originally from Mexico, Alan started his journey in the Circus Industry in 2003 as a hobby and quickly became a passion. After 5 years in the IT Professional Industry, he decided to leave his country and follow his Circus dreams in the United States as an artist, inspired by all the Contemporary Circus shows creations, professional circus athletes and the circus community in general.
In 2011 created the International Entertainment Production Company EMCirque and joined Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque du Monde providing help to the Homeless Youth Community through the Organization “My Friend’s Place” in Hollywood CA. As consequence of his interaction with Social Circus decided to take a step forward towards the altruist projects and start Circus Without Borders in 2015.