CIRFIT®️ is the first of it is kind. An established lifestyle brand, CIRFIT®️ brings flair and integrity to everyday life in a fun and unique way. It’s where ‘fashion’ meets ‘community’.CIRFIT® is a brand for anyone who believes in putting their creative minds together to inspire the world. Using inner strengths and personal motivations, we can find the best version of ourselves and live the healthy lifestyle that we all dream of. CIRFIT® is the fine balance between fitness and circus. It’s also a movement. CIRFIT® is uniting the world by sharing daily inspiration and helping others achieve their personal goals through the most utilized social media platform of this generation: Instagram. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. CIRFIT® is the next level of fitness. Emphasized by ethnic diversity and a variety of talents, CIRFIT® is a brand that evokes unity, inspires confidence, and highlights personality. 

Today’s youth is rapidly becoming aware of the importance of being active. Extreme sports, free running, parkour, pole-fitness, acro yoga, and circus arts are exploding in popularity. Both amateurs and professionals of these disciplines heavily influence CIRFIT®, and it’s become it’s very own LIFESTYLE. CIRFIT® is a movement that has evolved into something greater than we’ve ever thought possible. 

Our mission is to help people discover their purpose in life by being exactly who they are. CIRFIT® is a fashionable streetwear fitness brand that represents and evokes a worldwide motivational movement.


Nikolai (Mikalai) - co-
CEO and founder of CIRFIT®  

Born in the city Gomel, Belarus, Nikolai began gymnastics in preschool. At the age of 6, after gaining all of the necessary skills, he joined sports acrobatics, where he would dedicate the next 14 years of his life. While winning prizes in numerous local and international competitions, Nikolai also excelled in school. He attended various classes including dance, painting, and applied art.

From an early age, Nikolai liked to tinker and make things with his hands. He wasn’t able to buy designer clothes, so he made his own. Using a needle and thread, scissors and paint, Nikolai wore his handmade apparel, riding the wave of fashion and creating new trends.

Nikolai completed school at the Olympic Reserve and received a diploma in ‘teacher-trainer of acrobatics and physical culture.’ He then applied for casting in Cirque Du Soleil. In 2004, Nikolai was invited by Cirque Du Soleil to work as an artist and acrobat in one of their shows. Nikolai works with Pavel Saprykin, who shares his high level of craftsmanship, and speaks at various international platforms and stages.



Pavel Saprykin - CEO and founder of CIRFIT®

Born in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, Pavel spent his childhood in the small town of Pavlovsk, located in the Voronezh region. In school, Pavel was interested in folk dance, chess, and athletics. Love for sport and unique thinking prompted Pavel to leave the Moscow Circus School (he was an excellent student). He immediately found a job, touring internationally with the Great Moscow Circus. Four years later, completing circus school, Pavel joined the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. After performing in different circus festivals around Europe and Asia, he was invited to Montreal, Canada, by Cirque Du Soleil. As part of a group of tightrope walkers, Pavel joined the creation of Cirque Du Soleil’s new show, “Totem,” where he met Nikolai. 

Having immense experience living and working in different countries around the world, Nikolai and Pavel carefully observed fashion trends and the developing clothing and beauty industries. Recognizing the transformation of circus genres into popular new areas of fitness, yoga, and street acrobatics, Nikolai and Pavel had an ingenious idea to combine the two Circus and Fitness.

Supported by extensive knowledge and an irrefutable passion, Nikolai and Pavel created a new lifestyle design: CIRFIT®.