Carlos Gimeno

HometownBorn in Spain Gran Canaria, living in Macao.

Age: 27

How long have you been in circus or fitness: 3 years

Favorite athlete or artist (your idol): Carlos Gimeno

How important is circus or fitness to you and how has it impacted your life: Circus is my life is what I like to do every day.  I love to perform and interact with the audience.  The impact on my life is that thanks to circus I have learnt a lot of different things not only my speciality High Diving, i have learnt other sports areas, character and how perform on big stages.

What is the best compliment you got in your life: My best compliment would be reading in the newspaper and watching on tv how the journalist is saying that Carlos Gimeno made history for Spain being the first professional Spanish High Diver taking 13th place in the World Championships after only three competitions.