Dmitry Dudarew

Hometown:  Gomel; Belarus

Age:  26

How long have you been in circus or fitness: 5 years. Before that, I graduated from the University in the class of choreography. But at age 21 I realized that I wanted to do circus arts and fitness. I did not have a coach and I learned everything myself.

Favorite athlete or artist (your idol): Simon Shuster, he appears under the scenic name Housch-Ma-Housch and Vyacheslav Polunin.

How important is circus or fitness to you and how has it impacted your life: Circus and fitness are part of my life. Exactly In this direction, I want to achieve maximum results, popularity, and success. Fitness is my health, and the circus is a lifestyle.

What is the best compliment you got in your life: With such a purposefulness, nothing is impossible for you.