Pawel Walczewski

Hometown: Warsaw/Poland

Age:  33

How long have you been in circus or fitness: I start my career with Sports Acrobatics at age 7. I compete at the high level in this discipline for 13 years, after I join the circus family where I am performing for more than 12 years. 

Favorite athlete or artist (your idol):  One of my idols, when I was young and inspire me to join the circus, was "Alexis Brothers” but one of my favorite athlete with who was an honor and pleasure to share the stage - Yann Arnaud.

How important is circus or fitness to you and how has it impacted your life: Circus inspire me to always keep improving my self, to share all my experiences with my colleagues and friends. It's a big part of my life, is my daily routine. I am really happy to be part of our circus worldwide community. 

What is the best compliment you got in your lifeThere were many compliments but a couple of them I will always remember. That I can be an inspiration for many people who are doing circus and that my abs aren’t real :)