Thom Wall

Hometown:  St Louis, Missouri, USA

Age:  30

How long have you been in circus or fitness: I first learned to juggle when I was ten years old - so, twenty years!

Favorite athlete or artist (your idol): Gil Dova, Francis Brunn, Enrico Rastelli, and Felix Adanos are four of my favorite jugglers.  I could go on and on, though!

How important is circus or fitness to you and how has it impacted your life: the juggling community is what got me into juggling, and why I continued training and performing.  All of my best friends are jugglers, and they keep me motivated to improve every day.

What is the best compliment you got in your life:  at an event a few years ago, an audience member came up to me and asked where I was from.  When I told her I was from the US, she was shocked:  "You're way too good to be an American!"  Ha!