Yann Arnaud

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Hometown:  Paris

Age:  37

How long have you been in circus or fitness: I have been working in fitness or circus for 27 years but professionally 16 years in the circus

Favorite athlete or artist (your idol): one of my idol since a young age is Mark Knopfler, leader of the band Dire Straits.

How important is circus or fitness to you and how has it impacted your life: Circus and fitness have been part of my life since a really young age and I never stop since I am 10 years old by doing acrobatics or calisthenics conditioning. I made my life around circus and fitness which keeps me in shape and healthy. Since 2002 I made it my career by starting to perform in Disneyland Paris which I was a small monkey in Tarzan production. I love to be on stage and perform and I cannot see myself doing something else.

What is the best compliment you got in your life:  one of the best compliment I received during my career is about my presence and energy on stage.